Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®, Krinkle’s newest version of its premier LDAR tracking software and reporting system, reduces the time, cost and effort to secure auditable compliance in your 0000a and state regulation program. Not only is it easy to learn, but it also drives your workforce (in house or sub-contractors!) to collect the right data and stay on schedule. It comes standard with many critical and useful reports like the EPA required report, a report showing the status of all leaks and many more, ensuring you are always in compliance and audit-ready.

Krinkle’s LDAR Tracker Pro® is a mobile app and back-office suite of tools that uses a radically improved and simplified approach to these complex and mandatory regulations. The original version was introduced to the market 4 years ago and our pro version takes it to the next level, by enabling seamless work order sharing.

Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®’s state of the art approach (Shared Work Orders) allows for work orders to be assigned directly to an LDAR Inspector’s mobile device as an initiating step. The “Shared Work Order” system automatically pushes the initial work order forward to all the subsequent users who need it (repair people, then verifiers, etc.), simply by detecting when the previous step is complete. No more phone calls, coordination meetings, excel files and forgotten or lost next steps. The chain-link of “next step” responsibility remains unbroken and always visible to the workers and their managers alike. This level of data awareness via reports, dashboard views and the mobile app itself extend to client executives as well, who must decide how to handle leaks recommended for “Delay of Repair”.

The mobile app only shows each individual user the work orders assigned to them. With a simple touch, the app then guides each of its users, step by step, through their respective workflow and only asks for information that is relevant to their current role (inspector, repair tech, etc.). Return on investment, ease of training, and ease of use cannot be overstated.

The PC (back-office) portion of the system is for LDAR program managers. It lets them set up months and even years of future LDAR work orders very quickly. From that point forward, they only need to assign them to their employees by selecting their names from a list. The system does the rest!

Once the system is in use, reports (such as the required EPA report, outstanding leaks reports, DOR list reports and many more) can be run at any time. They can even be scheduled to run daily and show up in your email automatically if you want! If management wants to have additional reports, custom dashboard views, and/or custom notifications, the system allows for these things to be quickly configured.

Interested in learning more about how Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® could help your LDAR process? Click here to check out the updated page on our website.