Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® Unveiled at OGENV 2019

Krinkle, LLC. formally presented and exhibited their LDAR Tracker Pro® mobile app and suite of reporting tools earlier this month at the 2019 Oil & Gas Environmental Conference (OGENV). LDAR Tracker Pro® is Krinkle’s highly scalable, enterprise-class version of its LDAR tracking and compliance software. The pro version of the software introduces an array of state-of-the-art features, including Krinkle’s innovative, fully automated work order sharing (we call it “Shared Work Orders”). Shared Work Orders ensure consistent workflow in the field, guides its users to timely completion of their 0000a and state regulatory work and drives thorough LDAR compliance. Manual communications such as the typical back-and-forth emails and phone calls required to keep the LDAR team moving are almost completely eliminated. Time and money are saved while compliance is achieved with significantly less effort.

The “Shared Work Order” system automatically pushes the initial work order forward to all the subsequent users who need it (inspectors, repair techs, then verifiers, etc.), simply by detecting when the previous worker’s steps are complete. This enables LDAR companies to eliminate time-consuming spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, while automatically driving the “next step” forward. Work never falls through the cracks, drastically increasing efficiency and ensuring a large return on investment.

Krinkle’s report management tool contains all the reports (rolling leak logs, component leak logs, remaining leaks, delays of repairs, etc.) needed to track all your sites, leaks, repairs, verifications and delays of repair (DORs). The system provides LDAR technicians with all the smart forms and guided workflows necessary to collect actionable data, simplify their work and facilitate regulatory compliance.

During the conference, oil & gas companies were able to see Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® first-hand. Krinkle’s team demonstrated how Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® guides leak inspectors, repair techs, and verifiers through the entire LDAR process and enable them to maintain all their critical records with ease. Attendees were able to easily understand LDAR Tracker Pro®’s reports and see for themselves the mobile app’s ability to streamline their LDAR processes and record-keeping (from well sites, compressor stations, central facilities, etc.).

Vertex Resource Group, an international oil field services company with over 3000 employees in both Canada and the US, presented the details of their field success as a result of using LDAR Tracker Pro®. Vertex presented the stark difference between the burden of managing large and highly scalable LDAR programs prior to using LDAR Tracker Pro® and the ease afterwards. All aspects of the data collection, uniformity, worker guidance and client reporting were drastically simplified. Vertex was able to rapidly deliver to its customers the data they wanted and the way they wanted it. Vertex’s Vice President of US operations, Mr. Dhugal Hanton, spoke alongside Krinkle’s Senior Business Analyst, Dr. Glenn Kletzky, about how Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® has modernized Vertex’s air compliance services.

“Initially, we had considered developing our own software in house, but we also understood the potential years of time and millions of dollars such a risky effort might entail. After considerable market research, we realized that Krinkle’s software was enterprise-level and field-proven. It was already “out-of-the-box” ready to easily train and deploy. It quickly and cost-effectively serviced our LDAR program’s needs,” stated Mr. Hanton.

Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® reduces the time, cost and effort to secure auditable compliance in your 0000a and state regulation program. If you would like to receive further information about Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®, please schedule a free live demonstration by visiting LDAR Tracker Pro®.

Krinkle Fire Door®. Not Your Grandfather’s Fire Door Inspection App.

Fire door inspection apps are a dime a dozen and most of them are woefully incomplete. Often times, fire door inspections are just an afterthought in some limited “Fire & Life Safety” app and these apps rarely reflect the true nature of the NFPA codes. Their line of simple “yes/no” questioning is incapable of addressing the details your company requires. They are basic checklists devoid of true fire door specificity.

Krinkle Fire Door® is a new breed of fire door inspection software for the professional inspection company that wants to do it right – from the beginning of the process to the end of verified repair and compliance. Fire door inspections need to not only address the NFPA requirements thoroughly, but they also need to help drive your business and generate reports that are valuable to your clients. Door hardware companies experience an even greater return on investment (ROI) with Krinkle’s “parts and labor” repair add-on for Fire Door®. The Mobile app’s add-on guides your repair persons through all subsequent steps that are required to achieve full compliance, including (i) estimating the cost of upcoming parts and labor for client approval, (ii) itemizing the right parts so you can prepare for the return visit and (iii) billing your client for the final cost of parts and labor. This helps you keep the after-sales business in house and moving smoothly. Even if your company does not perform the repairs, the included reports for your inspectors make it possible for the parts and labor company coming behind you to succeed. Your client will appreciate how you went above and beyond to provide their chosen repair company with the information they needed. Ultimately, this allows your company to return after repairs are completed and get paid to verify that all expected repairs are in compliance.

Krinkle Fire Door® isn’t just a complete NFPA-adherent fire door inspection app. It actually guides all parties involved to run their business and track the process through verified completion and compliance.

When considering software, smart companies will look for true business process automation applications that fit well with their business development model. Simple forms apps have minimal value and are only slightly better than using pen and paper. If your company is looking for a complete mobile solution that automates process, is easy to learn, easy to deploy and enables your company’s growth, look no further than Krinkle Fire Door®.

Krinkle Fire Door® includes a number of features that far surpass traditional door inspection software like smart forms that speed up work, while simultaneously giving you the ability to track assets like customers, buildings, fire doors, fire door frames, and fire dampers, and all associated inspections. Krinkle Fire Door® differentiates itself even further by introducing features like automated report generation with automatic NFPA code compliance matching. Our wide selection of included reports makes proving compliance faster and easier than ever. Additionally, custom reports can be developed for a nominal, one-time fee.
Other advantages of using Krinkle Fire Door® are:

• We offer unlimited users for no additional costs. We only charge one fee per door inspected, no matter how much repair data, parts and labor data and reporting are managed beneath that door’s inspection.

• Krinkle Fire Door® supports both iOS and Android devices, making it easier for your contractors and employees to adopt. Whatever device they currently own (Tablet or Phone) will work, eliminating your need to buy new or specialty devices.

• Krinkle Fire Door® supports highly secured offline work. No need to be actively connected to the internet. Connecting once or twice a day will work just fine.

• Krinkle Fire Door® also allows you to remotely assign inspections/repairs to your employees and contractors, while centrally managing the data they collect.

• When the aforementioned features come together, companies are provided the means to easily allocate, track and complete more work in less time, thereby expanding their scale. Even subcontractors all around the nation become simple to manage. This enables companies to quickly and easily increase their service area, and scale up the number of inspections they can take on each year.

Krinkle Fire Door® distinguishes itself from other door inspection software with its code compliance reports, automatic parts and labor costing, Android and iOS compatibility, and its ability to guide the entire process, from inspection to final verification of repairs. If your company is looking to scale up its fire door inspection and/or repair program, go to Krinkle Fire Door® to set up a demonstration and learn more.

Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® is showcasing at OGENV2019

On December 3rd and 4th, Krinkle’s LDAR Tracker Pro® is showcasing at this year’s Oil & Gas Environmental Conference. LDAR Tracker Pro® is Krinkle’s industry-leading version of its LDAR compliance tracking mobile app and reporting system. This breakthrough technology enables fully automated work order sharing (we call it “Shared Work Orders”) across the entire OOOOa and state regulation compliance process. The “Shared Work Order” system automatically pushes the initial work order forward to all the subsequent users who need it (repair people, then verifiers, etc.), simply by detecting when the previous step is complete. This enables LDAR companies to eliminate time-consuming spreadsheets and manual communication, while automatically driving the “next step” forward so that work never falls through the cracks. This substantially increases their efficiency and ensures a large return on their investment.

For the first time, oil & gas companies will be able to try Krinkle’s advanced LDAR Tracker Pro® app, run its reports and see for themselves its ability to simplify and streamline all LDAR processes. During the conference, Krinkle’s subject matter experts will demonstrate how LDAR Tracker Pro® can guide leak detection (OGI & AVO), and repair techs through the entire LDAR process and effortlessly maintain all their critical records. They will also demonstrate how LDAR program managers can easily manage their comprehensive records from well sites, compressor stations, central facilities and more.

Krinkle’s reporting tool contains all the reports needed to track all your sites, leaks, repairs, and verifications. Reports such as rolling leak logs, component leak logs, remaining leaks, delays of repairs and many more are included. The system provides LDAR technicians with all the smart forms and guided workflows necessary to make their jobs easy and facilitate regulatory compliance.

One of Krinkle’s customers who have established field success with many of their clients, Vertex Resource Services, Inc., will also be attending the event. Vertex will be giving a presentation about how Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® has modernized its air compliance services. Vertex’s Vice President of US operations, Mr. Dhugal Hanton will be speaking alongside Dr. Glenn Kletzky, a Senior Business Analyst from Krinkle, about how Vertex deployed LDAR Tracker Pro® to maintain a higher level of compliance and situational awareness, while better serving their clients.

If you are attending the event and are interested in learning more about the benefits and features of Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®, be sure to stop by Krinkle’s booth (Booth # 15) and attend Vertex/Krinkle’s presentation on December 3rd at 11:00 a.m. If you cannot attend the event and would like to receive further information about Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®, please schedule a free live demonstration by visiting Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro.

An international Caterpillar dealer’s journey: moving to digital work orders for tracking the rebuild process

Heavy equipment rebuild centers from all over the world have constantly strived to simplify the burden of tracking their main component (engine, transmission, etc.) rebuild process. Unfortunately, few have ever found a simple and affordable solution to track their Work in Progress (WIP). This issue is significantly harder to solve when you have multiple centers spread across states and even nations.

In late 2017, Unatrac, a UK based CAT dealer conglomerate with their Mantrac dealerships and component rebuild centers (CRC) across Africa, the Middle East, Russia and beyond, set out to solve this challenge. Matt Woodall from their process improvement department, acting as their lead component reliability champion, was tasked to find a solution. Not only did he have to find a solution, but it also had to work across multiple rebuild centers on different continents. It had to handle different cultures, different practices, and it had to be configurable and flexible enough to succeed. Every day that passed for these rebuild centers without the kind of data visibility they were looking for, was a day of reduced profit, morale and customer satisfaction.

Unatrac’s/Mantrac’s technological pursuit led them to attend conferences in the US, where they spoke to other heavy equipment dealers. At the annual Caterpillar North American Dealer IT Association (NADITA) conference in Las Vegas, Mr. Woodall came across Cashman Equipment Company’s Director of IT, Don Erlanger. Mr. Erlanger, in conjunction with his CRC Manager, Mike Hulse, had already implemented Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® in their Reno, NV CRC and were already successfully tracking over 2500 major component rebuild work orders per year. Matt followed up after the conference with the Cashman dealership, spoke to the management and the supervisors, and learned how easy it was to deploy and use. He then contacted Krinkle for a webinar demonstration to see Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s capabilities for himself.

Mr. Woodall learned that Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® is an app that’s used by floor techs to easily track every step in their heavy equipment component rebuild process, without burdening them. He was surprised to learn that each tech only had to touch the mobile app for about 15 seconds a few times a day to provide their small contribution to the larger tracking data set. He also learned that this new mobile app would deliver complete process tracking and detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Once Mr. Woodall saw the value in the data visibility the reports delivered to his management and workers. He knew he had found what his company had been looking for.

“We were looking for something like Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® that would drive our process efficiency without burdening our technicians,” stated Matt Woodall. “Since deployment, monitoring WIP and utilizing automated reports have streamlined our admin process. As well as on the shop floor through Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s inspection functionality and ability to use process forms within the app. Our customers now have near real-time data visibility of their components throughout the rebuild process.”

After Mantrac deployed Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, they not only leveraged the data to better track and improve their rebuild process, but they also realized that there was so much more potential they could extract from the data they have already collected. Right now, Mantrac is working continuously with Mobile Epiphany to further improve their reports and dashboard views based on their existing data. They are even moving into a scheduling system that allows Mantrac to manage both their CRC spaces and human resources.

Mobile Epiphany’s robust process tracking app, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, is showing heavy equipment rebuild centers all over the world that they can simplify their main component rebuild process, no matter the brand (CAT, John Deere, Komatsu, etc.). If you would like to see how Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® can improve your companies rebuild process, please schedule a free live demonstration by visiting Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®

Business Process Automation: An Insurance Company’s Journey From Pen & Paper to Mobile Devices

In 2015, a technology leader from Trinidad and Tobago named Brian Wood (CEO of Briza Technologies) saw a potential business opportunity in his island nation. Mr. Wood noticed a distinct lack of advanced process-driven software being used by enterprises at home and around the Caribbean as a whole. Realizing that this was something that businesses desperately needed, Mr. Wood directed Briza to research software companies that could service this demand. During their research, Mr. Wood crossed paths with Mobile Epiphany, an enterprise-class mobile application company based out of Denver, Colorado.

“Mobile Epiphany quickly caught my attention with their RAC (Rapid Application Configuration) technology for mobile devices. They were much more than simple forms. Their system was focused on building business process applications that guides users through their respective work. I realized that their software was the missing puzzle piece for Briza to meet the process software demand in the Caribbean quickly and cost-effectively.” Mr. Wood stated. After meeting with Mobile Epiphany, a partnership was formed and Mr. Wood became Mobile Epiphany’s first Sales Representative in the Caribbean.

During one of Briza’s many business meetings, Briza met with the ANSA McAL Group and connected with Mr. Musa Ibrahim, the Managing Director of one of ANSA McAL’s most important subsidiaries, the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Limited (Tatil). Tatil provides motor, property, and health insurance to its island nation.

A glaring issue in the Caribbean that was apparent to both Mr. Ibrahim and Briza was the notoriously slow customer service perceived by customers in the insurance industry. However, Mr. Ibrahim had plans for his company to change both the perception and the reality for Tatil. He had a vision of Tatil being an industry leader in timely and excellent customer service. However, Mr. Ibrahim had concerns with how easily a mobile app could be adopted across his enterprise. Additionally, the technical and cost hurdles that may be required for integrating their current system with new mobile software was also a concern. Despite these concerns, Mr. Ibrahim still saw the potential in Mobile Epiphany’s process-driven software. This led him to commission Mobile Epiphany to create a pilot program, using only part of Mobile Epiphany’s capability. A mobile app containing smart forms was built for their customer service representatives and auditors in their motor and real estate divisions in order to simplify their tasks of data collection and reporting. Although this helped push the insurance claim process forward, it was only a proof of concept.

After the application had been successfully in use for 2 years, Mr. Ibrahim went back to Mobile Epiphany to inquire about taking their application to the next level. While the software at the time streamlined aspects of the claims process, it was not a holistic solution. Mr. Ibrahim knew that if he was going to make Tatil an industry leader in customer service, more development was needed. Tatil needed the system to integrate directly with its existing policy and risks system and provide meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on their employees, their sub-contractors and their overall process quality. The software would also need to drive the insurance process from start to completion and include work order creation and automatic tracking of results. Mr. Ibrahim even envisioned his system automatically generating emails to Tatil and NON-Tatil claimants alike, keeping them informed of the status of their claim during every step of the process. Tatil’s new software is entering its final beta testing phase and is expected to roll out in Q1, 2020.

Often times, companies make the mistake of assuming that the issues they are facing are local and specific to them. However, business challenges are global. While location does impact things like language and culture, business challenges are consistently similar with unique nuances per company, regardless of where in the world your company operates. At the end of the day, Mobile Epiphany understands business process, software, and flexibility. When this understanding is combined with subject matter experts and a passion to satisfy customers, there are few business challenges that we can’t address. If your company operates inside OR outside of the U.S, check out to learn more about Mobile Epiphany’s existing professional applications. Then, visit to learn more about how their uniquely flexible platform and business analysts can be leveraged, to bring your project to life and solve your business challenges with a mobile device.


Contact Brian Wood at BRIZA Technologies Limited
16 Damian Street,
Port of Spain.
Trinidad & Tobago W.I.

Phone: (868) 271-0236
Mobile: (868) 680-0222

Krinkle’s heavy equipment “Rebuild Tracker®” system presented at national Caterpillar dealer conference to wide acclaim

For Immediate Release

Contact: Philip Hsiao
2675 S Abilene St.
STE 100,
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (720) 282-2044
Date: October 21, 2019

Krinkle’s heavy equipment “Rebuild Tracker®” system presented at national Caterpillar dealer conference to wide acclaim.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, September 17, 2019: Krinkle’s Senior business analyst, Glenn Kletzky, presented their new rebuild process tracking system (Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®) at this year’s Western Region Meeting for CAT dealers and their IT people (WRIT 2019 in Las Vegas).

Process tracking for every step in heavy equipment component rebuilding (such as Engines, Torque converters, Transmissions, etc.) is something every rebuild center wants but few have achieved. This is due to the administrative burden prior systems placed on the technician staff, the acquisition cost of such systems, and the sheer complexity of those aging systems. Krinkle’s presentation focused on Rebuild Tracker®’s ability to accomplish full rebuild tracking for heavy equipment, no matter the brand (caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, etc.), the size of the facility, or the language needed by its users.

Krinkle demonstrated its solution to a variety of data visibility problems and administrative burdens which are common to heavy equipment rebuild centers. These costly challenges negatively impact the entire operation. He showed how Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® solves these major issues. Some capabilities he demonstrated were:

1. Being able to easily see the multiple stages and locations of all work in progress (WIP) at a moment’s notice

2. Easily accessing meaningful management reports and dashboards that are used to guide a shop’s daily work priorities

3. Easily performing parts-level inspections at the Quality Control area which then automate the necessary customer-facing reports and parts ordering lists

4. Showing how the average technician’s involvement in the data capture effort on a mobile device only takes about 15 seconds per occasional interaction, thus leaving them to their important work of rebuild

“Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® has the ability to keep track of every major and minor step of a rebuild center's lengthy rebuild process with minimal impact on the workers. It effortlessly tracks everything from the arrival of the main component to shipping back to the customer and over 40 stages in between; it has become an indispensable tool to our clients and they openly talk about the return on investment they receive from it every day,” Glenn stated.

Additionally, the presentation reviewed Krinkle’s integration to other systems that component rebuild centers already have or desperately need. For example, Rebuild Tracker® has already been integrated to Modern®, a customer service information system popular to dealerships nationwide. It can also be integrated to DBS, MS Dynamix, a shop scheduling system and more. These previously burdensome or non-existent capabilities can now be fed data directly from Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, reducing effort and complexity.

Finally, he spoke about the system’s natural ability to visualize many key performance indicators (KPIs) of the shop. These KPIs can be about individual employees, the team as a whole, or even the performance or work on specific makes and models of component types. The insight provided to management, that was previously invisible to them, allows them to focus on and continuously improve their efficiency in specific areas where customer satisfaction and profit can be increased.

Mobile Epiphany is an enterprise-class software design company that creates mobile applications that simplify business processes and increases operational efficiency.


If you would like to acquire further information about Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, learn more here.

Announcing Krinkle's Premium LDAR Compliance Software: LDAR Tracker Pro®

LDAR Tracker Pro®, Krinkle’s newest version of its premier LDAR tracking software and reporting system, reduces the time, cost and effort to secure auditable compliance in your 0000a and state regulation program. Not only is it easy to learn, but it also drives your workforce (in house or sub-contractors!) to collect the right data and stay on schedule. It comes standard with many critical and useful reports like the EPA required report, a report showing the status of all leaks and many more, ensuring you are always in compliance and audit-ready.

Krinkle’s LDAR Tracker Pro® is a mobile app and back-office suite of tools that uses a radically improved and simplified approach to these complex and mandatory regulations. The original version was introduced to the market 4 years ago and our pro version takes it to the next level, by enabling seamless work order sharing.

Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®’s state of the art approach (Shared Work Orders) allows for work orders to be assigned directly to an LDAR Inspector’s mobile device as an initiating step. The “Shared Work Order” system automatically pushes the initial work order forward to all the subsequent users who need it (repair people, then verifiers, etc.), simply by detecting when the previous step is complete. No more phone calls, coordination meetings, excel files and forgotten or lost next steps. The chain-link of “next step” responsibility remains unbroken and always visible to the workers and their managers alike. This level of data awareness via reports, dashboard views and the mobile app itself extend to client executives as well, who must decide how to handle leaks recommended for “Delay of Repair”.

The mobile app only shows each individual user the work orders assigned to them. With a simple touch, the app then guides each of its users, step by step, through their respective workflow and only asks for information that is relevant to their current role (inspector, repair tech, etc.). Return on investment, ease of training, and ease of use cannot be overstated.

The PC (back-office) portion of the system is for LDAR program managers. It lets them set up months and even years of future LDAR work orders very quickly. From that point forward, they only need to assign them to their employees by selecting their names from a list. The system does the rest!

Once the system is in use, reports (such as the required EPA report, outstanding leaks reports, DOR list reports and many more) can be run at any time. They can even be scheduled to run daily and show up in your email automatically if you want! If management wants to have additional reports, custom dashboard views, and/or custom notifications, the system allows for these things to be quickly configured.

Interested in learning more about how Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® could help your LDAR process? Click here to check out the updated page on our website.

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® Presenting at WRIT 2019

Krinkle is presenting its powerful shop floor mobile application and management reporting tool software, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, at this year’s Western Region Cat Dealers IT Meeting 2019 in Las Vegas, NV during September 16-17. Krinkle will be showcasing Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® at the conference with a presentation from Krinkle’s senior business analyst, Glenn Kletzky.

Designed to unburden CRC employees from time-consuming documentation by delivering meaningful data visibility to shop-floor users and management alike, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® allows CRCs and their clients the ability to increase their productivity significantly. Through Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s quick form approach, floor techs will only spend on average 15 seconds per data entry sequence and will do so only a few times per day. As a result, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s reporting tool allows CRC floor Techs and managers alike to easily keep track of every stage of the rebuild process from the arrival of a main component at a CRCs receiving area to the shipping back to the CRCs client. In addition, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® is now integrated with Modern® ( to automate the previously burdensome human effort required to keep Modern®’s critical customer service function healthy and timely.

Krinkle’s mission is to provide enterprise-level software that helps clients streamline processes & increase worker efficiency. It provides tremendous data visibility to all CRC users that was previously impossible to get. And it does so seamlessly and easily. This enables the CRC to keep data organized and easily accessible from the start of the rebuild process to its finish.

If you will be attending the event and is interested to know more about the benefits of Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® be sure to attend Glenn’s presentation on September 17 at 1:00 p.m. If you cannot attend the event or missed Krinkle’s presentation and would like to acquire further information about Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, and schedule a live demonstration, please visit:

How to climb to the top of 5G tower climber competition with Krinkle Closeout®

Fifth-generation cellular wireless, which is better known as 5G, is beginning to come to reality. With major wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon launching new towers, with hopes of 5G fully taking shape in the future. Not only will 5G increase the speed & capacity of our internet, but it will also increase the demand for tower climbers to fulfill 5G tower needs.

According to information communication technology giant Ericsson, within the next four years, they plan on increasing their tower amount from 350,000 to 1 million, as they partner with other major U.S. carriers for 5G nationwide. As a result, in order for U.S. carriers to create those towers, there needs to be an increase in tower climbers to build & maintain those towers. Due to the increase in tower climbers, competition for tower contracts is going to be fierce. Which is causing closeout companies, to think of new & innovative ways to climb their way to the top of 5G-tower climber competition. However, most are focusing on ways to improve their worker proficiency and improve their closeout package process.

The wireless industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. Nevertheless, with the innovative software of Krinkle Closeout®, closeout companies are having an easier time adapting and staying on top of the competition. Krinkle Closeout® can increase worker efficiency & quality of work, without sacrificing cost-effectiveness is helping its clients distinguish themselves from their competition.

With Krinkle Closeout®, crews on-site with an internet connection can get immediate feedback from Quality Control, eliminating return visits due to missed photos or incomplete data by almost 70%. As Krinkle utilizes a powerful back-office tool that allows Quality Control teams back at the office better business process management in near real-time as data is collected. Field technicians will also have the benefit of unlimited photo logs, allowing them to make comments or answer direct questions on the state of any component while still on-site. Krinkle’s GPS capabilities also allow field technicians to search for specific sites, or any nearby. Providing them with maps in street view, as well as directions to any site by simply clicking on the selected site. In addition, automated time and date stamping allow technicians in the field indisputable proof that they are on the correct site and inspecting the correct components required for each project.

The wireless industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. Take your Closeout Package process from weeks or months to hours or days with Krinkle Closeout®.

To learn more about Krinkle Closeout® and how it can help you get to the top of the 5G tower climber competition, please visit:

Contact Krinkle Closeout for a free demo.

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® now integrated to Modern® at Caterpillar CRC.

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® is a Component Rebuild Center (CRC)’s shop floor mobile application and management reporting tool that will easily keep track of every stage of the rebuild process – from the arrival of the main component at the receiving pad, through disassembly, part level quality control, reassembly, testing, and shipping back to the customers. It leverages a barcode placed on the Main component and barcodes permanently attached to all the parts baskets and gear trees etc. to get the job done.

The data visibility created by Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® for CAT CRCs allows floor techs all the way through management to gain clear insights into the status of their work orders. Clarity is available whether customers inquire or management needs daily priorities to stay on deadlines. Furthermore, the reports that Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® includes as standard help all users’ with their information needs and the system can also generate new and customized reports for any purposes. Standard Reports are used in Quality Control, KPI tracking, Work Order status tracking, whereabouts of dissembled parts and much more. This new data visibility significantly improves a CRC's performance and efficiency.

Through integration to Modern® (a sales department and customer communication text messaging system popular among CAT CRCs), Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® automates the previously manual and time-consuming process required to gather work order status and input information updates to Modern®. Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® will automatically communicate with Modern® at the instant a new event or milestone is achieved in the rebuild process and feed that information directly to Modern® so that the sales department and their customers will get updates on their rebuilds in progress in a near-real-time fashion.

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s integration effort to Modern® demonstrates the commitment Krinkle has to the CAT CRC community and Krinkle is focused on establishing extensive partnerships with the CRCs as well as software vendors to further enhance Krinkle’s contribution to the ecosystem. In addition to tirelessly improving Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s functionality, Krinkle is also expanding its product portfolio for CAT dealerships including a soon-to-launch Hoses manufacturing, tracking and inspecting application called Krinkle Hose Tracker® that allows CAT dealers to generate more revenue and create service satisfaction to their clients. Soon, we will also be offering a scheduling application tied to Krinkle Rebuild tracker which assures people and resources (like reassembly bays) can be most efficiently (and easily!) scheduled.

Whether your CRC already uses Modern® as the customer-facing communication platform or not, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® should be the next software to consider to improve your CRCs performance. Learn more HERE and be sure to subscribe for our latest update on Krinkle Hose Tracker®.