How to Climb to the Top of 5G Tower Climber Competition with Krinkle Closeout®

Fifth-generation cellular wireless, which is better known as 5G, is beginning to come to reality. With major wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon launching new towers, with hopes of 5G fully taking shape in the future. Not only will 5G increase the speed & capacity of our internet, but it will also increase the demand for tower climbers to fulfill 5G tower needs.

According to information communication technology giant Ericsson, within the next four years, they plan on increasing their tower amount from 350,000 to 1 million, as they partner with other major U.S. carriers for 5G nationwide. As a result, in order for U.S. carriers to create those towers, there needs to be an increase in tower climbers to build & maintain those towers. Due to the increase in tower climbers, competition for tower contracts is going to be fierce. This is causing closeout companies, to think of new & innovative ways to climb their way to the top of 5G-tower climber competition. However, most are focusing on ways to improve their worker proficiency and improve their closeout package process.

The wireless industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. Nevertheless, with the innovative software of Krinkle Closeout®, closeout companies are having an easier time adapting and staying on top of the competition. Krinkle Closeout® can increase worker efficiency & quality of work, without sacrificing cost-effectiveness is helping its clients distinguish themselves from their competition.

With Krinkle Closeout®, crews on-site with an internet connection can get immediate feedback from Quality Control, eliminating return visits due to missed photos or incomplete data by almost 70%. Krinkle utilizes a powerful back-office tool that allows Quality Control teams back at the office better business process management in near real-time as data is collected. Field technicians will also have the benefit of unlimited photo logs, allowing them to make comments or answer direct questions on the state of any component while still on-site. Krinkle’s GPS capabilities also allow field technicians to search for specific sites, or any nearby. Providing them with maps in street view, as well as directions to any site by simply clicking on the selected site. In addition, automated time & date stamping allows technicians in the field indisputable proof that they are on the correct site and inspecting the correct components required for each project.

The wireless industry’s ever-changing requirements can be difficult to keep up with. Take your Closeout Package process from weeks or months to hours or days with Krinkle Closeout®.

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