Business Process Automation: An Insurance Company’s Journey From Pen & Paper to Mobile Devices

In 2015, a technology leader from Trinidad and Tobago named Brian Wood (CEO of Briza Technologies) saw a potential business opportunity in his island nation. Mr. Wood noticed a distinct lack of advanced process-driven software being used by enterprises at home and around the Caribbean as a whole. Realizing that this was something that businesses desperately needed, Mr. Wood directed Briza to research software companies that could service this demand. During their research, Mr. Wood crossed paths with Mobile Epiphany, an enterprise-class mobile application company based out of Denver, Colorado.

“Mobile Epiphany quickly caught my attention with their RAC (Rapid Application Configuration) technology for mobile devices. They were much more than simple forms. Their system was focused on building business process applications that guides users through their respective work. I realized that their software was the missing puzzle piece for Briza to meet the process software demand in the Caribbean quickly and cost-effectively.” Mr. Wood stated. After meeting with Mobile Epiphany, a partnership was formed and Mr. Wood became Mobile Epiphany’s first Sales Representative in the Caribbean.

During one of Briza’s many business meetings, Briza met with the ANSA McAL Group and connected with Mr. Musa Ibrahim, the Managing Director of one of ANSA McAL’s most important subsidiaries, the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Limited (Tatil). Tatil provides motor, property, and health insurance to its island nation.

A glaring issue in the Caribbean that was apparent to both Mr. Ibrahim and Briza was the notoriously slow customer service perceived by customers in the insurance industry. However, Mr. Ibrahim had plans for his company to change both the perception and the reality for Tatil. He had a vision of Tatil being an industry leader in timely and excellent customer service. However, Mr. Ibrahim had concerns with how easily a mobile app could be adopted across his enterprise. Additionally, the technical and cost hurdles that may be required for integrating their current system with new mobile software was also a concern. Despite these concerns, Mr. Ibrahim still saw the potential in Mobile Epiphany’s process-driven software. This led him to commission Mobile Epiphany to create a pilot program, using only part of Mobile Epiphany’s capability. A mobile app containing smart forms was built for their customer service representatives and auditors in their motor and real estate divisions in order to simplify their tasks of data collection and reporting. Although this helped push the insurance claim process forward, it was only a proof of concept.

After the application had been successfully in use for 2 years, Mr. Ibrahim went back to Mobile Epiphany to inquire about taking their application to the next level. While the software at the time streamlined aspects of the claims process, it was not a holistic solution. Mr. Ibrahim knew that if he was going to make Tatil an industry leader in customer service, more development was needed. Tatil needed the system to integrate directly with its existing policy and risks system and provide meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on their employees, their sub-contractors and their overall process quality. The software would also need to drive the insurance process from start to completion and include work order creation and automatic tracking of results. Mr. Ibrahim even envisioned his system automatically generating emails to Tatil and NON-Tatil claimants alike, keeping them informed of the status of their claim during every step of the process. Tatil’s new software is entering its final beta testing phase and is expected to roll out in Q1, 2020.

Often times, companies make the mistake of assuming that the issues they are facing are local and specific to them. However, business challenges are global. While location does impact things like language and culture, business challenges are consistently similar with unique nuances per company, regardless of where in the world your company operates. At the end of the day, Mobile Epiphany understands business process, software, and flexibility. When this understanding is combined with subject matter experts and a passion to satisfy customers, there are few business challenges that we can’t address. If your company operates inside OR outside of the U.S, check out to learn more about Mobile Epiphany’s existing professional applications. Then, visit to learn more about how their uniquely flexible platform and business analysts can be leveraged, to bring your project to life and solve your business challenges with a mobile device.


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