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Hurricane Harvey - La Marque, TX

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 storm and devastated the coast of Texas. Hundreds of thousands cubic yards of debris was a result of the catastrophic event. Krinkle Debris Tracker was being used in the coastal community of La Marque, TX, which was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Krinkle Debris Tracker was in hand and being used by crews, hired by the jurisdiction, to document the debris removal data immediately. Our application was quickly downloaded, implemented and executed by our clients working on the project. All of those employed were able to download the application right to their own personal mobile devices with logins that pertain to their role. From this application, our clients have had great success in the documentation of all debris collected.  Our clients have been able to go through the land mission recovery with ease.

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Hurricane Harvey - Port Lavaca, TX 

The town of Port Lavaca, TX is located near the coast and was also greatly affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of cubic yards of debris needed to be accounted for and collected, both vegetative and construction. The city of Port Lavaca hired our client to perform monitoring services that were required during the debris removal process. The job of the monitor is to measure and certify the volume of debris per load and Krinkle Debris Tracker was on hand to simplify the process for those monitors. The monitors on the job were easily guided by our app and able to document and photograph the contents being hauled. The monitoring job went smoothly and efficiently with the use of Krinkle Debris Tracker.

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Hurricane Irma - St. Johns river, fl (The "water Mission")

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma left tons of destruction, not just on the land, but also in bodies of water. St. John’s River was one of the affected rivers that required crews to go out and remove debris. Krinkle Debris Tracker has been being utilized by crews to document the marine debris removal. The cleaning of marine areas is important after a disaster to reduce the risk of pollution and Krinkle Debris Tracker was there to assist and speed up the process. Crews on site were able to document the ongoing progress of the project with ease. Due to the costs of such a project, proper and accurate documentation is key for maximum reimbursement and Krinkle Debris Tracker is there to assist. 


Hurricane Irma - Aventura, FL

The city of Aventura, FL is a city within Miami-Dade County, which was an area hit hard by Hurricane Irma. With an estimated 25,000 cubic yards of debris to be removed within this jurisdiction, having an accurate and reliable automated debris management system is necessary. Krinkle Debris Tracker was the ADMS used to complete the debris monitoring mission within this jurisdiction.

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Hurricane Irma - Okeechobee, FL

Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage across the county and city of Okeechobee, FL, resulting in debris that needed to be removed. The cleanup and debris removal mission was one that spanned weeks. The debris collection consisted of removing vegetation debris, C&D, fallen trees, and stumps. Monitoring crews were on site during this debris removal mission and Krinkle Debris Tracker was the ADMS of choice to get the job done. 


Hurricane Irma – The Villages, FL