Fire door inspection apps are a dime a dozen and most of them are woefully incomplete. Oftentimes, fire door inspections are just an afterthought in some limited “Fire & Life Safety” app and these apps rarely reflect the true nature of the NFPA codes. Their line of simple “yes/no” questioning is incapable of addressing the details your company requires. They are basic checklists devoid of true fire door specificity.

Krinkle Fire Door® is a new breed of fire door inspection software for the professional inspection company that wants to do it right – from the beginning of the process to the end of verified repair and compliance. Fire door inspections need to not only address the NFPA requirements thoroughly but also need to help drive your business and generate reports that are valuable to your clients. Door hardware companies experience an even greater return on investment (ROI) with Krinkle’s “parts and labor” repair add-on for fire doors. The mobile app’s add-on guides your repair persons through all subsequent steps that are required to achieve full compliance, including (i) estimating the cost of upcoming parts and labor for client approval, (ii) itemizing the right parts so you can prepare for the return visit and (iii) billing your client for the final cost of parts and labor. This helps you keep the after-sales business in-house and moving smoothly. Even if your company does not perform the repairs, the included reports for your inspectors make it possible for the parts and labor company coming behind you to succeed. Your client will appreciate how you went above and beyond to provide their chosen repair company with the information they needed. Ultimately, this allows your company to return after repairs are completed and get paid to verify that all expected repairs are in compliance.

Krinkle Fire Door® isn’t just a complete NFPA-adherent fire door inspection app. It actually guides all parties involved to run their business and track the process through verified completion and compliance.

When considering software, smart companies will look for true business process automation applications that fit well with their business development model. Simple forms apps have minimal value and are only slightly better than using pen and paper. If your company is looking for a complete mobile solution that automates processes, is easy to learn, easy to deploy and enables your company’s growth, look no further than Krinkle Fire Door®.

Krinkle Fire Door® includes a number of features that far surpass traditional door inspection software like smart forms that speed up work, while simultaneously giving you the ability to track assets like customers, buildings, fire doors, fire door frames, and fire dampers, and all associated inspections. Krinkle Fire Door® differentiates itself even further by introducing features like automated report generation with automatic NFPA code compliance matching. Our wide selection of included reports makes proving compliance faster and easier than ever. Additionally, custom reports can be developed for a nominal, one-time fee.
Other advantages of using Krinkle Fire Door® are:

• We offer unlimited users for no additional costs. We only charge one fee per door inspected, no matter how much repair data, parts and labor data, and reporting are managed beneath that door’s inspection.

Krinkle Fire Door® supports both iOS and Android devices, making it easier for your contractors and employees to adopt. Whatever device they currently own (Tablet or Phone) will work, eliminating your need to buy new or specialty devices.

Krinkle Fire Door® supports highly secured offline work. No need to be actively connected to the internet. Connecting once or twice a day will work just fine.

Krinkle Fire Door® also allows you to remotely assign inspections/repairs to your employees and contractors, while centrally managing the data they collect.

• When the aforementioned features come together, companies are provided the means to easily allocate, track and complete more work in less time, thereby expanding their scale. Even subcontractors all around the nation become simple to manage. This enables companies to quickly and easily increase their service area, and scale up the number of inspections they can take on each year.

Krinkle Fire Door® distinguishes itself from other door inspection software with its code compliance reports, automatic parts and labor costs, Android and iOS compatibility, and its ability to guide the entire process, from inspection to final verification of repairs. If your company is looking to scale up its fire door inspection and/or repair program, go to Krinkle Fire Door® to set up a demonstration and learn more.