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Date: October 21, 2019

Krinkle’s heavy equipment “Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®” system was presented at the national Caterpillar dealer conference to wide acclaim.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, September 17, 2019: Krinkle’s Senior business analyst, Glenn Kletzky, presented their new rebuild process tracking system (Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®) at this year’s Western Region Meeting for CAT dealers and their IT people (WRIT 2019 in Las Vegas).

Process tracking for every step in heavy equipment component rebuilding (such as Engines, Torque converters, Transmissions, etc.) is something every rebuild center wants but few have achieved. This is due to the administrative burden prior systems placed on the technician staff, the acquisition cost of such systems, and the sheer complexity of those aging systems. Krinkle’s presentation focused on Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s ability to accomplish full rebuild tracking for heavy equipment, no matter the brand (caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, etc.), the size of the facility, or the language needed by its users.

Krinkle demonstrated its solution to a variety of data visibility problems and administrative burdens which are common to heavy equipment rebuild centers. These costly challenges negatively impact the entire operation. He showed how Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® solves these major issues. Some capabilities he demonstrated were:

1. Being able to easily see the multiple stages and locations of all work in progress (WIP) at a moment’s notice

2. Easily accessing meaningful management reports and dashboards that are used to guide a shop’s daily work priorities

3. Easily performing parts-level inspections at the Quality Control area which then automate the necessary customer-facing reports and parts ordering lists

4. Showing how the average technician’s involvement in the data capture effort on a mobile device only takes about 15 seconds per occasional interaction, thus leaving them to their important work of rebuild

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® has the ability to keep track of every major and minor step of a rebuild center’s lengthy rebuild process with minimal impact on the workers. It effortlessly tracks everything from the arrival of the main component to shipping back to the customer and over 40 stages in between; it has become an indispensable tool to our clients and they openly talk about the return on investment they receive from it every day,” Glenn stated.

Additionally, the presentation reviewed Krinkle’s integration to other systems that component rebuild centers already have or desperately need. For example, Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® has already been integrated into Modern®, a customer service information system popular to dealerships nationwide. It can also be integrated into DBS, MS Dynamix, a shop scheduling system, and more. These previously burdensome or non-existent capabilities can now be fed data directly from Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®, reducing effort and complexity.

Finally, he spoke about the system’s natural ability to visualize many key performance indicators (KPIs) of the shop. These KPIs can be about individual employees, the team as a whole, or even the performance or work on specific makes and models of component types. The insight provided to management, that was previously invisible to them, allows them to focus on and continuously improve their efficiency in specific areas where customer satisfaction and profit can be increased.

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