Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® is a mobile application and management reporting tool for heavy equipment component rebuild centers (engines, torque converters, braking systems, transmissions, etc.) that will easily keep track of every stage of the rebuild process – from the arrival of the main component at the receiving pad, through disassembly, part level quality control, reassembly, testing, and shipping back to your customer. The data visibility which the system provides to management is comprehensive and will keep data organized and at your fingertips from the start of the process to its finish.


Our simple-to-use mobile application was designed to unburden your employees from time-consuming documentation while delivering meaningful data visibility to management at the touch of a button.

Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® will allow your employees to keep track of every main component in your shop (engines, torque converters, braking systems, transmissions, etc.), every sub-component after disassembly (parts baskets, gear trees, pallet, etc.) and inspect every individual part with ease. It will also allow them to keep track of every stage of the process, including reassembly, dyno test, paint and final shipping. It will always let you know where every part of the main component is located at every moment. Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® even allows your QA techs to photograph and record the status of every part so your customers can see exactly what you see in our standard, customer-facing reports. Our many management reports are also invaluable to your organization’s data-visibility needs.


By simply attaching rugged barcodes to all of your parts baskets, rolling gear trees, palettes, and other part containers, every main component work order is linked to every part from the moment of disassembly until it is fully reassembled. Using a smart handheld device or tablet device (iOS or Android), shop workers can scan the barcode on their parts baskets (Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® refers to all part containers as “sub-components”) with nothing more than the built-in camera. Once scanned, the worker can quickly declare which stage of the process that set of parts, or the whole reassembled main component, is in. Every barcode scan automatically records the worker who entered the data as well as the date and time at which the event took place. The mobile application will also allow workers to take unlimited relevant photos. The effort at each step is minimal (most data inputs take shop techs less than 15 seconds!), and the ease with which this data becomes visible and actionable by management cannot be overstated.


Once the main component work order has been set up in the system, your shop techs can easily add information about sub-components, arrivals or departures from certain shop areas, and inspections performed on individual parts. Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® contains “Quick Forms” for all the steps in the shop’s process. “Quick Forms” are short, 15-second interactions with their devices that are easy to perform and do not interrupt their workflow. Your employees and techs will never feel burdened to enter the data, and management will never again lose track of any work in progress (WIP).



As a manager of a complex mechanical rebuild shop, how quickly can you answer these questions today?

How many days has this differential been in-shop?

What is the average time all your customers sit in the dyno test area until their engine is tested?

Are there particular stages in our process that are notoriously slow?

What stage of the rebuild process is my customer’s braking system now?

Questions like these and more can be easily and quickly answered using the advanced reporting capabilities of Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®.


Available in two different versions. Contact a representative to find out what version works best for your company’s needs.

Rebuild Inspector Price

Setup Fee


One Time Setup

*Includes 8 Hours of Training

Full Document Support for RFP

License Fee

$35.00 Per Work Order

Discount Per Work Order with Annual Contract*

Rebuild Tracker Price

Setup Fee


One Time Setup

*Includes 8 Hours of Training

Full Document Support for RFP

License Fee

$85.00 Per Work Order

Discount Per Work Order with Annual Contract*

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Reports, & Unlimited Support

*Speak with a Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® representative for annual contract details & terms.

The Krinkle pricing philosophy is based on simple, activity-based billing with a one-time account setup fee. Only pay for what you use. We charge a single fee per main/major component work order, no matter how many stages you track or how many interim reports you run. Our software-as-a-service includes unlimited use of our mobile apps, management reporting tools, and software updates. We even include end-user support in our “per main/major component” price. In other words, when an engine, transmission, or torque converter comes into your shop (examples of main/major components), and you enter the initial work order, you pay one fee, and you never pay again for that main/major component’s work order, no matter how long that component stays in your shop or how many times you interact with it, store data or run reports about it.


Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® contains all the required quick forms for managing and tracking the rebuild process from start to finish. All required steps and procedures will be accessible from your smartphone application. All of our smart forms eliminate paper and keep track of main components and sub-components. Krinkle Rebuild Tracker® was developed with many subject matter experts (SMEs) who work within the industry. Because of our pricing model, pay-per-use, you can have unlimited downloads on as many phones or tablets as needed.


Generate reports from any PC or mobile device. These reports can be generated instantly and formatted how you would like (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF). Run as many reports as you need, and do so from as many PCs or mobile devices as you would like, at no extra charge.


Formal reporting output is not what users are looking for. Therefore, Data Explorer is a simple-to-use, valuable PC tool that allows managers and administrators to quickly review and organize all the data coming in from the shop floor as soon as it arrives. Build and run custom data searches with minimal training. Sorting, filtering, and exporting data to Excel based on your needs is easily achieved with Krinkle Rebuild Tracker®’s Data Explorer tool.


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