July 15, 2021 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. MST

With the new changes in our government’s administration, there is currently a sense of uncertainty as to potential changes in legislation and regulation, especially in the Oil & Gas industry. Although nothing is currently set in stone, there could be changes to existing regulations, additional requirements, or potentially even a total overhaul of the current rules and standards.

Join Speaker Glenn Kletzky, Founder & CEO of Mobile Epiphany for our webinar: Ensuring LDAR Compliance With Relevant State and Federal Legislation. You’ll discover our unique approach to helping Oil & Gas companies ensure LDAR compliance with relevant state and federal legislation, and how Krinkle has your compliance needs covered.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • How your oil & gas service company can keep your LDAR program in compliance with its relevant state and federal legislation
  • How even if changes are made to existing regulations or additional requirements, we can keep your oil & gas service companies LDAR program compliant with OOOOa
  • How you can simplify your oil & gas LDAR program and increase its operational efficiency

Glenn Kletzky

Senior Process Analyst

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Glenn Kletzky

Is a Senior Business Analyst for Mobile Epiphany who interprets complex processes and addresses them with mobile software for accountability and data visibility. Mobile Epiphany provides enterprise-class mobile applications that simplify business processes and increase operational efficiency for many different industries. Mobile Epiphany has distinguished itself from its competitors through its unparalleled service response times and its code-free rapid application configuration technology that allows them to implement mobile application projects faster and more cost-effectively than other solutions. Krinkle is Mobile Epiphany’s mobile application product brand that creates out-of-the-box apps to target business challenges in industries like environmental health and safety, oil & gas, fire and life safety, cell tower construction, heavy machinery, and many more.

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