Sport Environmental Services, LLC, a Terracon company, is an environmental consulting company serving clients in the energy production industry with a focus on oil and gas operators in the Permian Basin. They selected Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® for its best-in-class capabilities to help them drive compliance for their clients. Sport Environmental has been operating in several states including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana for more than 15 years and is headed by Ms. Deborah “Debi” Sport Moore. In 2014, Ms. Cianna Logie began working for Sport Environmental and endeavored to find practical ways to drive progress towards the company president’s vision of a lean consulting firm that could handle the diverse range of environmental compliance issues associated with the oil and gas industry. Ms. Logie is Sport Environmental’s Environmental & Regulatory Project Manager and is a dedicated leader who handles federal and state regulatory compliance matters, air quality, environmental social governance (ESG), and a variety of other environmental and regulatory projects including Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) program management.

In 2019, Ms. Logie and her team were looking for solutions to better serve their clients in the oil & gas industry and ensure compliance with regulations as efficiently and economically as possible. Since Sport Environmental already collects a significant amount of data that can be utilized for multiple environmental filings each time a client’s site is visited, Ms. Moore and Ms. Logie’s vision for Sport Environmental focused on further enhancing the wide array of environmental compliance services offered (e.g., air quality permits, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure (SPCC), and stormwater management, and other filings) to include LDAR data. Ms. Logie expands upon this by stating, “When we are on-site, we want to hit as many state and federal programs as we can with a single visit so that our clients enjoy the benefit of having that data at their disposal and we can utilize it to their benefit in a cost-efficient manner.”

Ms. Logie realized that increasing the quality of Sport Environmental’s regulatory services in a cost-effective manner would require automation in the form of mobile software. Sport Environmental had been in the process of developing their own LDAR software in-house; however, the projected costs associated with creating software and constantly supporting multiple operating systems were too great and the benefits of having a third-party partnership became more appealing. A better solution would incorporate supporting documents and guided processes to reduce the level of upfront regulatory knowledge required for field users to be successful in their work.

In order to increase the quality of service offered to her clients while remaining cost-effective, Ms. Logie understood that it would be worthwhile to explore other third-party software solutions. This dedication to her clients and drive to pioneer new technology for her industry is what led Ms. Logie and Ms. Moore to the comprehensive Leak Detection and Repair mobile app and reporting tool, Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®.

Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® enables seamless and automated OOOOa compliant work order sharing (we call it “Shared Work Orders”) between LDAR program managers, Infrared (OGI) camera inspectors, repair techs and OGI verifiers. Even client executives who must decide how to handle leaks on “Delay of Repair” status are supported. This ensures that every required step of the OOOOa regulation (in addition to state regulations) becomes a simple, guided process for users. The end result is consistent workflow in the field for all users, assured compliance and a system that drives the process through to its full completion. Together, these features effectively addressed Ms. Logie’s software needs, leading Sport Environmental to adopt and deploy Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro®.

When considering what it was that led her to choose Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® over other mobile software, Ms. Logie remarked, “When looking at a product, of course, we ask, ‘is this going to work’, but we also ask ‘is the relationship going to work’. We had been looking at other software solutions, but when it came time to make a decision, [Krinkle] stood out by returning our emails, answering our calls and supporting us with training while others did not. It was an obvious choice in that regard.” Not only did Krinkle LDAR Tracker Pro® distinguish itself from other third-party software, but it also had a clear advantage over the in-house software being developed for LDAR compliance. Ms. Logie recalls, “The software that we were currently using didn’t have the same level of control over users’ profiles and what they had access to… Seeing it built out and so well implemented during our testing with Krinkle made it appealing. The back end syncing to the server and the operational stability of having a third-party partner made it a perfect fit for our program. Because OOOOa is a complex regulation, it was exciting to see it built out with an added layer of protection.”

When commencing with training and deploying the app, Ms. Logie saw firsthand the amount of regulatory knowledge and guided processes built into the app and how intuitive it was for her field users to learn. Ms. Logie recalls, “Within about 15 minutes of picking up the software, making a profile, logging in and running through the training, [field users] were up and running as if they had always been using it… Krinkle walks them through their work as if they were reading the regulation themselves without having to deal with the 120+ pages in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Even a newer employee, someone who hasn’t had as much field experience, can operate at a level that is closer to someone who has had significantly more training and experience in the field.” Field users are not the only ones who have benefitted from adopting Krinkle, Ms. Logie recalls this when she states, “We have several clients who have been impressed in particular with the compiled leak tracker reports we issue through Krinkle. We have also had really good feedback from clients who have submitted final reports to the EPA… The process was fast and didn’t require a lot of back and forth to complete.”

Over the last year, Krinkle and Sport Environmental have continued to advance their partnership and improve the mobile app and reporting system. When asked for her experience adopting and working with Krinkle, Ms. Logie had the following to say: “The process was smooth and the implementation went exceptionally well. Anytime that we have hit a hiccup or speedbump, it’s been very easy to send a message to support or give them a call and be taken care of promptly.”


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